World War Essay

The World War (July 28, 1914 – November 11, 1918) is one of the most extensive armed conflicts in human history. This title was confirmed in the historiography after the beginning of the Second World War in 1939. In the interwar period it was called the “Great War”. In your world war essay you need to explain some of the issues that are connected with the events that have happened during the tough period of war. But first, you need to pick up a topic that will be interesting for you to analyze. The issue of the World War covers a great variety of topics that may be used for writing an essay. In the following article we have gathered the most popular war ideas that are often described by students. Look through the list and you will certainly choose a topic that will meet your sophisticated interests.

The roots of the World War

Discuss the events that provoked the beginning of the war. It is generally accepted that the immediate cause for war was the assassination of Sarajevo (June 28, 19140 of Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand by nineteenth year old Serb terrorist, a student who was a member of the terrorist organization, “Young Bosnia” which fought for the unification of all South Slavic peoples into one state.

The negative consequences of the World War

As the result of war the four empires were ceased to exist: the Russian, Austro-Hungarian, Ottoman and German (although the Weimar Republic which arose instead of Imperial Germany continued to be formally known as the German Empire). The participating countries have lost about 12 million people who were killed (including civilians) and about 55 million were wounded. Hunger and epidemics caused by the war, have killed at least 20 million people. Comment on the other significant consequences of the war in your essay.

The positive consequences of the World War Although the war is regarded as a negative phenomenon that resulted in great human losses, there were some important improvements that contributed to the development of war technology and economics. The First World War accelerated the development of new weapons and means of warfare. The firepower of troops was increased and aviation became an independent combat arm. Also, the World War led to the unprecedented militarization of the economy of industrialized nations. This had increased government regulation and economic planning, the formation of the military-industrial complexes and accelerated the development of national economic infrastructure. In your World War essay you may analyze some of the issues presented above. Investigate them deeply and this will certainly bring you success.